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New product from Terrasat Communications: LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION IBUC2

Low Energy Consumption IBUC2

The Application
We were approached by iDirect network operators who had seen their customers’ bandwidth demands rise and needed a way to offer higher power—specifically 8W Ku-band. The constraint is that the iDirect modem ODU power supply was designed to power up to 4W. Our easy answer was to offer the AC input version of the 8W IBUC2. However, that was seen as a less than optimal solution based upon cost for the
power supply and AC mains access. It turns out that running AC lines is prohibited in many applications.

The Solution—Low Energy Consumption IBUC2
We set out to develop a version of the 8W Ku-band IBUC2 that would draw 65W or less VDC through the IFL cable. We removed the external DC input connector and tweaked some circuits to reduce power consumption.
The LEC IBUC2 meets the 65W requirement in 8W Ku and 10W C models.
What this means is that the network operator can double bandwidth / output power without adding any additional cables or buying a power supply.
Please note that other models are available up to 16W Ku and 20W C-band. Combinations with other modems may create new opportunities for our customers.
The LEC IBUC2 has all of the same features as the regular IBUC2 with respect to performance and our advanced M&C, including the outdoor Ethernet connector.

There are some points that should be noted so that we
don’t “oversell” the product:
 There is no external DC input capability.
 The 10 MHz reference option is not available.
 The customer should consider voltage drop over long cables, particularly when a higher loss cable is already installed at a site.
Data sheets are on our web site www.terrasatinc.com